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Nature and the environment are at the heart of Panguaneta, an Italian family-owned company established in 1960 in Sabbioneta. Nestled along the Po River, amidst picturesque poplar plantations, the factory meticulously transforms poplar wood into a diverse range of plywood using sustainable processes. Panguaneta remains dedicated to sustainable innovation, ensuring its customers benefit from trustworthy products, cutting-edge solutions, and certified raw materials.

The company fosters strong and collaborative partnerships, where knowledge and objectives are shared, all while continuously innovating to stay ahead of trends and evolving needs. Embracing its social responsibility fully, Panguaneta strives to strike a harmonious balance between environmental stewardship, product innovation, and process improvement. It actively supports projects that enhance value and foster sustainable development within the local economy. Through collaboration with both national and international industry associations, Panguaneta diligently promotes corporate social responsibility throughout its entire supply chain. The company’s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) covers 90% of production, ensuring transparency for consumers, while the 2021-22 Sustainability Report reaffirms Panguaneta’s commitment to the environment and people.

Plywood for Life.